Welcome to the Selkirk Rex Cat Club Website.   Gccf affiliated club

The Breed Club for THE SELKIRK REX CAT in the UNITED KINGDOM-  Looking after its health and welfare. The club was formed in early 2006 with the aims to increase awareness of the Selkirk Rex Cat & to promote, develop & safeguard the interests of the Selkirk Rex Breed including health and breed progression. The Committee work hard for the benefit and health of the breed.

Confident Curly Cats with charm, character and Charisma
Updated 20th April

Selkirk Rex Cat Club Show 2015  
Due to our Show Manager pulling their support for our 6th Championship Show on November 28th 2015, the Selkirk Rex Cat Club has had to make the hard decision to cancel the 2015 show date. We appreciate that many will be disappointed at this action but it is due to events beyond our control and we can assure you that every effort will be made to organise a fantastic show for the 2016 show season- We have other things planned to compensate so watch this space for further updates.

Amended Standard of Points- Subject to Approval

The Standard of Points for the breed has been amended and is subject to Approval-  This is an attempt to correct some of the Selkirks which are looking far too British and the ear set of some.

Head - Rounded, broad and full-cheeked with rounded underlying bone structure. The head should be set on a short thick neck. Forehead rounded, with a slightly curved top of head.    The Head should have good breadth across the cheeks and the head should be wider than deep from the top of the head to the jawline with a well padded rectangular shaped  muzzle. A British or Persian look should be strongly discouraged.  The whiskers are curly or broken.

Ears - Medium sized not small, broad at the base and may be tufted at the tips, set well apart on the broad head. Should fit into (without distorting) the rounded contour of the head and not appear set on top of the head. Internal furnishings, if present, are curly. 


They are a pretty robust and healthy breed although can have any diseases which any breed of cat is prone or susceptible to. PKD is included in the registration policy so no cat can be bred from unless it has been dna tested negative from PKD.
HCM has been reported in Selkirks, just as in many other breeds, but as yet no proven genetic link, and no reliable genetic test is available.   The club welcomes breeders who are scanning their cats but would advise potential kitten buyers that HCM free status cannot be declared. However, please be aware that even a scan is not conclusive proof of HCM but can only give an indication.    If someone says their cats are scanned for HCM ask to see the certificate of proof and evidence of subsequent yearly scans and be aware it is only a snapshot on the day and  no guarantee of any future health.

Please be aware that with any breed of cat there are un-reputable breeders who hope to part you with your hard earned cash in exchange for an inferior cat. We would always advise if you are looking into any breed that you refer to the breed standards and registration policies of that breed to ensure you fully understand what you should be asking the seller. In the case of the Selkirk Rex we would advise the following questions:

- will the kitten be registered with a cat registering body like the GCCF or TICA?  and come with papers including pedigree -(if not registered then they are not pedigrees)
- can I see the mother if not both parents?
- do the kittens come from PKD negative tested lines? All Selkirk Rex have to be PKD negative
- have the kittens been reared in the home?
- will the kitten come with its full kitten injections and vet checked? 

If the answer to any of these questions is 'no' then walk away and find a breeder that complies with all these requirements.