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Gccf affiliated club

Welcome to the Selkirk Rex Cat Club Website.

The club was formed in early 2006 with the aims to increase awareness of the Selkirk Rex Cat & to promote, develop & safeguard the interests of the Selkirk Rex Breed. 

The Selkirk Rex is neither a curly British nor a curly Persian but a breed in its own right

The use of Persian and British is allowed as outcrosses but the use of too much of British cats in breeding or too much of Persian cats in breeding  will result in curly British or curly Persian not Selkirk Rex.

The ideal breeding  is Selkirk Rex Curly to Selkirk Rex Variant (straighthair) and type takes precedence over coat

Here are  useful documents that breeders may find helpful

               This seminar gives pictorial examples of what is correct and what is not in the Selkirk breed

Currently membership is increasing by a steady pace with Founder Members and a healthy flow of new members.

Club Membership Form


A very useful article on coat and show preparation was written by judge Anne Gregory and can be downloaded here




UPDATED 26th June 2012

What's  New




The next Selkirk Rex Championship Show will be held on October 6th at Alcester-  Schedules and Entry Forms will be available for download on here from July






Key Milestones of the Breed in the UK

  • 2002 Arrived in UK
  • 2009 Championship Status with GCCF








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