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Above can be seen the typical look of a Selkirk -

Welcome to the Selkirk Rex Cat Club Website.   Gccf affiliated club

The Breed Club for THE SELKIRK REX CAT in the UNITED KINGDOM-  Looking after its health and welfare. The club was formed in early 2006 with the aims to increase awareness of the Selkirk Rex Cat & to promote, develop & safeguard the interests of the Selkirk Rex Breed including health and breed progression and correct type. 

Updated 13th September 2015

Kittens avai

If you are looking for a  Selkirk rex make sure you look for one with the correct Selkirk look - see sop below

Amended Standard of Points-

Head - Rounded, broad and full-cheeked with rounded underlying bone structure. The head should be set on a short thick neck. Forehead rounded, with a slightly curved top of head.    The Head should have good breadth across the cheeks and the head should be wider than deep from the top of the head to the jawline with a well padded rectangular shaped  muzzle. A British or Persian look should be strongly discouraged.  The whiskers are curly or broken.

Ears - Medium sized not small, broad at the base and may be tufted at the tips, set well apart on the broad head. Should fit into (without distorting) the rounded contour of the head and not appear set on top of the head. Internal furnishings, if present, are curly.